Crystal eggs


The words I couldn’t tell you, I kept them all in a box and I placed an empty bottle next to them. One day I found the container full of water, or was it tears? As I opened the box then, the words had transformed into the most delicate glass eggs, somehow filled with infinite light.

Get your ten seeds in a bronze box, and rock and roll with them. A transformative pack to reach ten new possibilities accompanied by a container of tears to collect… so the energy of the feeling stays contained while you drink your own sadness to transform it in joy*.

About number ten
Ten connotes the completion of a cycle and the beginning of the next. Pythagoras noted it is an expression of human knowledge, because matter (four) comes into harmony (six). In the Bible, the ten is associated with law and judgement as the Ten Commandments give man guidance to rights and wrongs. On a deeper level, the association with judgement relates to natural laws. So the ten is when creation manifests in life, and a new cycle starts.


A bronze box, ten crystal marbles, a glass bottle
2 x 3 x 7 cm / 6 x 2 cm



* Please note, the power within can only be truly unleashed if the owner is sincere in their intention and ready for personal development.