Cristina Reyes is interested in expanding the collective subconscious and opening up new ways of seeing the world. Looking for an alternative to analytical interpretations, she searches for a mythological understanding of reality. Reyes looks into otherness and what is hidden or forgotten allowing symbols from the unconscious to emerge. She celebrates deformity by morphing shapes into unexpected forms, generating opportunities for new existence. What results is often playful and surreal, with a unique sense of humour and absurdity. Through this metamorphosis, the transfigured forms become talisman-like pieces capable of holding otherworldly powers.

Reyes explores her subjects through a variety of media: painting, drawing, sculpture, installation and video performance, often achieved through ritual practice. She varies between moments of explosive physical action and a more meditative pace of making. Her paintings are representations of figurative beings, often hybrid creatures, that with time become archetypes in her visual universe.

These personages are also invoked through movement, voice and interacting with her paintings and collection of objects in her video performances. Also, in her sculpture work, she places these found items in new contexts, creating juxtapositions that invite the viewer to reconsider their notion of reality. Reyes aims to arouse a sense of curiosity in the mind of the viewer, opening up possibilities of inner transformation and revival.

2024 Compost, Terrace Gallery, London

2024 Lost + Found, Atom Gallery, London

2024 Let Them In, Jealous Gallery, London

2022 The Misplaced Twin, Gallery Lost, London

2022 PostTRUTH, PostROOM Gallery, London

2021 The Rise of the Nonconformists, Whitecross St, London

2021 Outsiders, TKP Hive, London

2021 Gigantes, Koppel 540, Oxford Street, London

2020 Summer Showcase, TKP Picadilly, London

2019 Soplo, Casa Voa, Rio de Janeiro

2018 No Borders, Miscelanea, Barcelona

2015 Otra Vida, The Old Rotherhithe Library Project, London (solo exhibition)

2015 A Transient Space, Geddes Gallery, London

2015 Mythology, Drawing Book, Sydney

2014 Hinges, TripSpace Projects, London (solo exhibition)

2014 Outside Fixed Patterns, Art Represent, London

2013 Memorias Flotantes, Autograph Gallery, London (solo exhibition)

2013 Monsters, Drawing Book, Sydney

2012 Ghosts of Birds, Onca Gallery, Brighton

2011 Exhibition Match, Hayward Gallery, London

2011 Capetown, Plaza Santa Ana 15, Madrid

2011 Manos Negras, Jealous Gallery, London

2010 Portraits of my Life as a Bird, the Print House Gallery, London (solo exhibition)

2010 Decked Project, The Coningsby Gallery, London

2010 The Poachers Pocket, Towner & Hoxton Gallery, London

2010 Industry 02, Shunt, London

2009 Ocho Número Atómico, ROJO artspace, Barcelona

2009 Ocho Delicate Nature, ROJO artspace, Milano

2008 Spread the Lead, Gallery Hanahou, New York

2008 Industry, Shunt, London

2008 Tangents, Kunst Gallery, Gent

2022 Vyner Street Art, installation, performance/fashion runway, Vyner St, London

2019 Memory Light, installation, Aures, London

2015 Triptic, drawing improvisation, Tripspace, London

2013 Memorias Flotantes, installation, Autograph, London

2013 Reminisces Room, installations, Victoria Revealed exhibition, Kensington Palace, London

2011 Pair of Rabbits, drawings, V&A Friday Late, London

2008 Colour Me, installation, London Festival of Architecture, London

2023 Museo Inacabado de Arte urbano, Fanzara

2022 Whitecross Street Urban Art, London

2021 Whitecross Street Urban Art, London

2020 Pato Pez, London

2011 Sueños de Papel, The Print House Gallery, London

2009 Lugares hechos de Silencio, Design Festa Gallery, Tokyo

Portrait of Cristina Reyes with yellow paint