Forever Twins


They said ‘that it will last forever’… Now we are broken… Was it only an illusion?
Triggers, broken limbs, uncompleted dreams and the mutilated twins. A decapitated head looks at all the parts that remain. And of course, the guardian stands at the front in watch…
Eat it all with your bronze spoon and digest a new dimension my dear.

A box for times of deep grief, to help heal the mutilation of the soul, for recovery and new fulfilment.*


A box, a bronze spoon, scissors, porcelain dolls, a doll leg, a pipe stem, taxidermy, bronze ornaments
23 x 30 x 17 cm



* Please note, the power within can only be truly unleashed if the owner is sincere in their intention and ready for personal development.

Also be aware of the perishable nature of the elements in the sculpture, the process of decay is part of the nature of the artwork.