Collecting time


The Long-tailed Shrike collected bits and pieces of clocks, desperately trying to possess the seconds, minutes, hours and years of his fleeting life. He collected and collected, sometimes driven by pure materialism, but still achieving a sense of harmony and beauty in his treasure. In this attempt to gather objects and time the Shrike accidentally solidified the present moment.

A pause, a moment of self-reflection, an opportunity to connect to what is within, a reminder of the beauty within us, a portal to our inner beauty.*


Taxidermy, clock mechanism and parts, and the Long-tailed Shrike’s treasure
72 x 18 cm



* Please note, the power within can only be truly unleashed if the owner is sincere in their intention and ready for personal development.

Also be aware of the perishable nature of the elements in the sculpture, the process of decay is part of the nature of the artwork.