The Misplaced Twin

The Misplaced Twin was an exhibition of three artists, showcasing alongside Amaia Allende and Clive Jennings. It was curated by Gallerie Lost, a project aiming to bring a different approach outside of the conventional gallery setting.

The exhibition was hosted at the second floor gallery of The Koppel Project Hive, an old office block in the heart of The City of London, temporarily reclaimed as art studios before being redeveloped. The building had served as my atelier from February 2019. The exhibition showcased a selection of some of the work from this time.

The artworks were reinterpretations of rejected objects or emotions. Some pieces explored the duality of being, highlighting a side of existence that remains forgotten … or misplaced. The subject of the works connected with the situation of the building itself, a rejected space still thriving with creation. The Misplaced Twin was a celebration of life in this abandoned corner in the city.

To our surprise, a few days after the show, the imminent demolition of the site was announced, the premises were evacuated at the end of the following month.

  • 2023

  • The Misplaced Twin
  • The Koppel Project Hive
  • London