Can you please touch my heart? No, no, but not the surface, touch me inside, please, don’t hold back, touch the inner corner of my heart, the centre of it all, the inner depth of the centre, the epicentre, right there, where she still lives.

Components was a display resulted from the grief stemming from the recent loss of my mother and a direct response to an empty shop – Number 26 Caledonian Road, Leo Giordani’s former delicatessen – as part of the artist residency A Transient Space, in Geddes Gallery, Kings Cross. 

For a week, the room became a space to attempt a representation of a human heart. I tried breaking down its emotional components, like a metaphorical scientific dissection. Every day I alternated between searching for a state of meditation in repetitive actions, and exploring expression, by improvising with materials and objects, painting and writing.

These experiments resulted in an interactive installation. After the residency, the space opened to the public, in a group exhibition taking up the whole building, curated by: Cornelia Marland and Miguel Mallol. 

In Components, different elements were scattered around the space: a lamb’s heart, 1360 grams of string, a poem, a mirror, a landscape and a bucket. As one entered the empty front shop, a horizontal ‘curtain’ of string stretched across from side to side, blurring the view of what was behind. Beyond, a raw heart was hanging, with a cone placed underneath containing ‘the inside of the heart’. The viewer was invited to put their hand inside in order to feel the heart’s insight.

  • A Transient Space
  • Geddes Gallery
  • Mixed media
  • 7 x 5.7 m
  • London